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Do You Have What it Takes To Beat The Ninja Warrior Course?

Sunday 5th March 2017

Our Velocity Widnes Branch has recently repoened due to refurbishment, during this time we have added two more incredible activities to Velocity Widnes; A Full Ninja Warrior Course as Well as a Total Wipeout Game!

Ninja Warrior:

Test Your strength and endurance skills on a wide range of obstacles that will put you through your paces!

Once you have accomplished this trilling agility course, you are free to explore the rest of the Velocity Trampoline Park free of charge.

The Ninja Warrior Course contains tough challenges and obstacles such as the monkey bars, the swinging bridges, and of course, the notoriously difficult curved wall! If the ninja warrior course is too tricky and gets the better of you the first tiime around, feel free to have as many attempts within your hour session!

(Please note that for health and safety reasons, all users must be atleast 1.2 Metres (120cm/ 3 foot, 11 inches) tall to attempt the Ninja Warrior Course.

Total Wipeout Course:

Fans of the hit Total Wipeout Tv show will surely recognise our recreation of one of the most popular games, the dual spinning bars! The game is simple, each player stands on a platform and aims to stay balanced upon it for as long a possible whilst the dual bars spin towards you. The player that is the last one left balancing on their platform at the end is the winner!

The dual bars require fast reactions and excellent agility to be able to duck and jump over each bar. The game starts slowly but will slowly but surely be turning faster, so watch out! Just like with the Ninja Warrior Course, you can have as many attempts at the Total Wipeout game as you like (within your hourly session) and are free to bounce around the rest of the Velocity Trampoline Park when you are finished!

Please be aware that the Total Wipeout game are only suitable for children aged 4 and up.

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