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Advantages of Toddler Time – Velocity GB

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Your toddler is on the go all the time and growing at an alarming rate, and you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep up and give them the best opportunities to grow and learn (not forgetting to have fun along the way!).

At Velocity our Toddler Time sessions are designed with you and your under 4 in mind, giving you a chance to catch your breath in a safe, clean and fun environment, whilst your mini-me plays away to their heart’s content. But did you know that Toddler Time is also ideal for promoting your child’s development?


Toddlers seek stimulation to aid their understanding of the world around them. Sounds, textures, sights all provide the input your child needs to promote cognitive development. At Velocity our parks are packed with bright colours and interesting shapes, providing a point of interest for even the smallest of jumpers. Foam cubes, trampoline surfaces and soft padding will give your child the opportunity to explore how things feel, and singing along with your tot to our Toddler Time music will promote those all important attention and listening skills.


Bouncing, jumping, climbing, throwing your child is learning it all at Velocity Toddler Time. Putting their gross motor skills into action, your toddler will become more aware of their surroundings and grow in strength and confidence in moving and using their body. Putting that boundless energy to good use, Toddler Time encourages increased activity levels, and you might even find that there’s less of a fuss at naptime after your session.


Toddlers will often appear to play on their own, but they love being in the presence of others. Toddler Time is a great way for your little one to meet new friends; they will learn about sharing, turn-taking and other social skills as they interact with those around them.

Taking time out for a coffee (juice for the little ones) and a snack in our seating area is a great way for you to chat to other parents, but don’t be surprised if your little one is taking it all in. Watching and listening to your conversations, they’ll observe your behaviour and may copy or imitate your actions or intonation at the next opportunity. Perfect for a future social butterfly!

Problem solving

As well as our trampolines, there are activities for your toddler to have a go at. Watch as they try to figure out how to build a foam block tower without it falling down (before they’ve had chance to bounce it down).

Toddler Time is the ideal activity for under 4s of walking ability, and with sessions running throughout the week during term time, you’ll have lots of opportunity to join in. There’s no need to book and parents can accompany their child for free, taking the hassle out of a trip out with the kids. Just arrive a little earlier for your session to attend our safety briefing, and you can enjoy an hour of quality time with your child in a protected arena, and delight in all they accomplish today!

Check our website and Facebook page for the most up to date session times. Toddler Time sessions are £5 per toddler for 1hr exclusive access to the trampoline park.

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