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Extreme Trampoline Dodgeball at Velocity GB!

Wednesday 25th January 2017

Some things are just better enjoyed with friends and here at Velocity, we believe that extreme trampoline dodgeball is one of those things.
Combining all the skill and fun of regular dodgeball with wall to wall trampolines is a sure-fire way to up the adrenaline levels.

The Game
The object of Dodgeball is to hit as many players on the opposite team with the dodgeball. Each match lasts for 8 minutes and here at Velocity we aim to play as many games as possible in this 8 minute period.
Each team starts with 4 players and 3 balls and the aim is to win as many matches as possible and crown yourself extreme dodgeball masters!
Unlike standard dodgeball, here at Velocity you can stop yourself becoming a target by bouncing, jumping and generally throwing yourself out of the incoming ball shaped missiles!
It is fast, it is furious and above all, it is a whole lot of fun! Just how time with your friends should be! But remember, the court umpire’s word is final! No arguments!
We offer both drop in sessions for those who just want to play with friends, or for those who have started to take the game all the more seriously, we also have an Extreme Dodgeball League Night!
So don’t live in the slow lane; live in the fast lane with Extreme Trampoline Dodgeball with Velocity UK! We run these popular sessions between 5pm and 8pm. Perfect for after work activities, a team bonding exercise or simply a chance to unwind, exercise and spend time with your closest friends.
Want to know more about extreme trampoline dodgeball? Why not check out our website, or pop in and ask. You may just find yourself loving trampoline dodgeball just as much as we do!

Make your booking today via our website or by calling WIDNES – 0151 424 8613 or WIGAN – 01942 410 781.

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