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Velocity Trampoline Park’s Fitness Classes

Wednesday 7th September 2016

For some of us keeping fit isn’t the most exciting thing to do; which is why many people look for new and interesting ways to tone up, lose weight and of course, stay fit and healthy.

Here at Velocity we want to make sure that everyone looks and feels their best so we have devised our very own fitness classes using the on-site trampolines.


It seems that rather than trampolines simply being an outdoor play toy for kids, they have now become recognised as a fitness trend in their own right.

This may be down to the fact that bouncing around on a trampoline is known to be a great way to lose weight.

Here are just some of the reasons why.

Low Impact Exercise

Trampolines offer up a low impact workout. This is great if you suffer from exercise related pain or discomfort, or simply if you want to minimise your likelihood of gaining an injury from pressure and weight.

High Calorie Burning 

Have you ever bounced on a trampoline in the garden and realised that pretty soon you are out of breath? Trampolines are a great way to work up a sweat and when you sweat, that means that you are burning calories too!

Strengthens and Tones Your Body

Having a strong core is something that many people aspire to; because you need to hold yourself steady whilst bouncing, your core is doing a large chunk of the hard work. Not only this but you are likely to see more toned and defined muscles in your legs too!

Great for Improving Your balance and co-ordination

It can be hard to keep your balance when on a trampoline, but that is definitely part of the workout. Trying to keep controlled means that you will work on your posture and balance and when you bring in some moves, you will need to improve your co-ordination too.

It’s Fun

Above everything else, bouncing around on trampoline for an hour is great fun. Whether you go alone, or head with a friend or two, any inhibitions or even stresses from the day will soon be right at the back of your mind!

Try Velocity Trampoline Fitness Classes

Want to know more about our amazing trampoline fitness classes? If you do, then get in touch with us today. Our classes start at just £6.50 per session and you can get discounts for buying 10 sessions (£60) and 20 sessions (£110).

For more information, check out the fitness classes page for the Widnes branch here and Wigan branch here