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5 Reasons To Not Miss Out On Velocity Fitness

Tuesday 23rd August 2016

If your workout is stuck in a rut and you’re struggling to to find the motivation to drag yourself to the gym, then a Velocity fitness class might be just what you need. Velocity Fitness classes bring all the benefits of a typical training session, with some added bounce. We’ve put together a list of reasons for you to take the leap and join us, what have you got to lose except calories?

1. Crazy calorie burn: Velocity Fitness classes offer a fast paced, high intensity rebound workout where you can burn up to 1000 calories per session. High intensity sessions also help to kick-start your metabolism leaving you to burn calories long after you’ve finished the session. As well as accelerating your weight loss, trampoline based fitness sessions also improve cardio-vascular function, strengthening heart muscles and improving circulation. Not bad for 45mins, hey?

2. High intensity – Low impact: For those of you who have hit the streets and pounded the pavements in an effort to get fit and lose a few pounds in the process, you’ll know that it can take its toll on your knees and hips. Rebound trampoline classes at Velocity reduce the impact on your weight bearing joints, and also strengthen leg muscles which will help to prevent injuries in future.

3. Core – your belly, your tummy, your stomach, your abdomen, whatever you call it, it is a problem area for a lot of us. But, we have great news, Velocity Fitness sessions help to target your core muscles. Our exercises help to lift, tone and strengthen your mid-section, and could be the solution to flattening your stomach like never before.

4. Co-ordination – With Velocity Fitness sessions you don’t need to practice your choreography beforehand, our sessions are designed to make you move without worrying about whether ‘you put your left leg in and you jiggle all about’. What you will find though, is that after just a few sessions of increasing your spatial awareness your co-ordination will have improved and your confidence will continue to grow.

5. FUN! – Although it isn’t scientifically proven, we at Velocity are convinced that the calorie burn is intensified by the smiles and laughter during the class. When was the last time, your facial muscles ached as much as the rest of your body? Our Velocity Fitness sessions are designed to tone and strengthen muscles, but we also add a special release of feel good endorphins, helping to relieve stress and elevate the fun factor.

Booking your place couldn’t be easier, contact us via phone, email or our online booking system, and make sure you don’t miss out on a fantastic way to look and feel great.