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Introducing the new Ninja Warrior/ Total Wipeout Course

Thursday 16th February 2017

Coming soon to the Velocity Widnes trampoline Park, is the Ninja Warrior / Total Wipeout course! Those familliar with the hit television shows will remember some of the iconic challenges & courses that have been recreated in the Velocity Widnes trampoline park!

The Ninja Warrior course features some of the most popular elements of the real life course such as the monkey bars, the multi level tower jump and many more.

This course is suitable for children ages 4 and above and fun for all the family!

Once you have completed the challenging new courses at Velocity Widnes, enjoy all of the 160 interconnected trampolines around the Velocity Park!

£9 per person includes the following

  • Unlimited attempts at the course
  • Free jump session in the trampoline park
  • 1 hour jump time
  • Get another hour for just £5!
  • (Please note; Velocity jump socks are mandatory & available for just £2)
  • Book here

Also featuring in our Widnes Park is the Total Wipeout arena!

The goal is simple; every player keeps their balance standing on the podium and must avoid the spinning beams that will be coming at you from high and low! but be careful, the beam starts off nice and slow and will get faster until the last player is left standing on their podium!

This activity is suitable for children aged 4 and up and provides and exhilarating fun experience for everyone!

Do you have what it takes to beat the Total Wipeout Course? Book your jump online today on our website here: 

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